The Private View


Over the past two weeks of installing the exhibition, I learnt that the way you show your piece is incredibly important. Beforehand, I did not realise how the exhibition space could influence the piece so much, and the concept that it wants to communicate. The way that the plinth is positioned, and the easiest way for visitors to observe the video and images, they all mean a lot. Now, I know that my space was so fitting, and I have handled it in the best way I could, and I am really proud that visitors have felt the same. Visitors have been shocked, and intrigued once walking through the door. This unusual piece, it provokes a reaction, and a strong one too.

Despite spray mounting my photographs smoothly onto the foam board yesterday, after the private view, it has become slightly bubbly, but fortunately it isn’t too extreme.

A lot of organisation goes into setting up an exhibition, and problems can unexpectedly occur, and I tried to leave time for this to happen. Like the glitch on my DVD, if it had not fixed itself, then I would still have time to find Adrian to help me resolve it, nothing was last minute on Friday.

My first exhibition has been a very successful experience!


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