Installing (Day 3- Finished)

I was able to set up my whole exhibition space today. After purchasing a blank DVD for Adrian to burn the video onto, I asked David to drill in the bracket for my screen. I had already marked where I wanted the bracket to be. And after asking Rhys to help check whether my monitor was placed properly on the wall, I played the video but there was a glitch. It lasted for 5 minutes, however it stopped shortly after and I left it running for a few hours to be sure.


Now that all the drilling and dusty work has been done, I started placing the photos on the wall with Velcro. Unfortunately, one of the photographs has been damaged with spray mount, but Karin helped me greatly by printing it again in Brookes Print and mounting it on foam board for me, whilst I handled other jobs within my space.


Yesterday, I roughly marked where I wanted the images to be on wall, and I realised that I had space on the right for something else, like a wall statement. I feel like my piece is not very obvious in showing my concept of human instincts, so I asked Lucy yesterday and we agreed the statement would look good. And so that has gone up too:


After putting the head piece on the head mannequin, I realised my piece is showing a few hints of bright orange, perhaps it is something to do with the latex mixtures over time. It is not too obvious, and is a very minor problem but it is not something I intended, and it never happened to any of my samples during FMP. At the end of the day, it is meant to be grotesque, and raw, organic forms in a disordly state is all part of the aesthetic.

I finished my space by attatching my business cards on the edge of the plinth:


The finished space:


I am really happy with the lighting of my space, because this dim light has made the wig on the mannequin shimmer, and it seems more “magical” somehow, there’s a quality of wonder. And I think that goes well with my concept, as it is about the wondering and curiosity of what, why and how we will react in seeing our bodies in a grotesque form.


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