Installing (Day 2)

This morning I spoke to Lucy, who advised me that the presentation will be more successful if I re-mount the photos. The photos had too many fingerprints on them, and the quality was brought down a lot. I was also not very happy with how I cut them at Ruth’s yesterday, it could have cleaner cuts around the edges, so I printed and remounted all three A2 photos:

The wall with the landscape photo and screen
The other wall with two portraits


I was also quite stuck on putting the extension cable through the ceiling, opening the tiles and poking the cable through. Thankfully, Camilla and Flo helped me accomplish this, and now the screen just needs to have a hook installed and be plugged in the socket.

Thankfully, this space has cable covers, which really improved the overall presentation too.


Finally, I have marked the new location of the plinth, as I realised the viewers need some space to move closer to the screen.

Things to do tomorrow:

  • Stick photos on wall with velcro
  • Install hook onto wall
  • Fit the screen on wall
  • Place headpiece on mannequin on plinth with business cards
  • Put up the wall statement

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