Installing (Day 1)

I have started setting up my work in my exhibition space today. Lucy suggested that photographs should be placed on foam board first, before it is stuck with velcro on the white walls.

Once I mounted and cut the foam board with images to A2 size, I started to compose them on the wall, and the layout is now slightly different to how I originally planned it.


With Hannah’s help on presenting the foam boards, I have decided on this layout. I was originally planning to have the landscape image in the middle, but I thought placing it on the end seems more natural to the eye. I also didn’t know I would have a corner, so I have worked around that today. I prefer a corner over one wall to hold all my images and screen, because I like that they are surrounding the central head piece, which will be having dramatic light upon it.


Hannah has also suggested that I mark where my plinth should be with masking tape.

I am currently waiting for Adrian to help me install the screen in my space. That is why i haven’t stuck the images on the wall yet, as I am not sure how large the screen is, and how it looks with the photographs layout right now. Once the screen is put up, I just need to place the head piece and business cards on the plinth.


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