Creating Business Cards

Inspired by the BA Fine Art degree show a few weeks ago here in Brookes, I noticed how nearly everyone created business cards, and I think this is a great opportunity to take my work further into the art & design field.

Upon recommendation by a friend, I discovered that provided good prices for a pack of 50 professional business cards. With the help of Karin, I was able to design the card on Adobe Photoshop and Indesign, and this is what we produced:


I didn’t want to shy away from the grotesque aesthetic of the card, I actually think it seems more personal, and I wanted it to show my most recent, and successful project. The woven piece at the front shows my interest in weave, and use of unconventional materials. And the back is one of my favourite shots from the photoshoot, as it depicts every aspect of the piece is clear light.

The cards should arrive on Thursday 1st June, in time for the private view on Friday!

I spent the rest of the day painting a few plinths and carrying leftover wood pieces back to HK building.

Links to art website & Instagram:

IG: @kieuvu


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