Using Final Cut Pro

Editing the video took a little longer than I thought, but I enjoyed learning the very basics of Final Cut Pro, and I picked it up very quickly with this tutorial:

I learnt how to import the videos, how to change the speed of the clips, how to add sound, how to create silence in some bits and then have it loud again, and how to create smooth transitions into the next scenes. It was very simple, and I have uploaded it onto Youtube, however I realised later that I had not ended the video properly, so there is a 2 minute silence playing at the end! The final edit is saved on my USB, so I have made sure this edit won’t be playing in the exhibition.

Finding a free sound file with the right squelching noise was difficult, but I managed to do it! This adds so much more to the video, and to hear this in the exhibition space is very uncomfortable and disturbing! For improvement, I guess I could have found an audio that fitted much better to the actual movements of the finger.


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