Editing the Photoshoot Photos

As well as learning how to use Final Cut Pro, today I also learnt a small new feature on Adobe photoshop, and that was “offset/exposure”.


I had a problem in trying to make the backdrop darker, to get rid of the “grey” tones of the black backdrop. I tried using the cloning tool to clone the dark parts but it seemed awkward somehow. So I adjusted the Offset to be a little lower, and the outcome was very good:

Before the Offset tool
After the Offset tool

And I edited the rest of the photographs:

I’m glad I found a soloution to the back drop, as I am confident the photographs look much clearer against a pitch black background. Although the black jeans blend into the background and make it seem like a floating torso, I don’t see this as a negative thing, perhaps due to the aesthetic of the piece. If anything, it may add to the grotesque vibes.


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