Finishing the final piece/ PHOTOSHOOT/ FILMING – Day 8

This morning, I finished attatching my final head piece together! Since it was completed after the scheduled photoshoot time (10am), I found out that Lucy already booked Adrian’s studio until 3.30 for all of us, so I didn’t need to worry about missing my time slot.

The fingernails in latex had not completely dried, so heat gun was needed. But it was very easy to attach it onto the fingers, and only then, I felt like the piece truly looked grotesque! I’m very glad to have created them from wax.


Unfortunately, one of the fingernails snapped in the process, but this was fine, as I thought the shape seemed too awkward and weak to glue on anyways, and so it became a short curved nail instead on a long “candy cane” resemblence one.

I tried photographing on both a white and black backdrop, and even though I had in my mind that black would be best, I am actually re thinking this looking back at the photos.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I think the best photos would have to be the black backdrop but without the flash. This gave Rachel a cool skin tone, and the piece too, almost like meat in a cold room. This sinister effect is what I love the most, and so I may edit all blackdrop photos to be a cooler tone, as her skin appears too warm toned in these photos (caused by flash). And the white backdrop photos are also good for close ups and shadows, but in terms of overall aesthetic and presentation, the black ones are better.

Rachel was a great model and suggested a lot of grotesque poses, especially with the mouths! This truly completed my aesthetic.

Since I am so proud of the photographs, I might sketch ways in which I could print and present them in my exhibition space, to show viewers how this can be worn on someone too.

Shortly afterwards, I had David, Karin and Poppy help me film the head piece with slime running down from the fingers.

I have never created a film piece of an exhibition before, but I guess mine will just be more of a video than a film. I need to quickly learn editing on iMovie or Final Cut Pro, as I have never used these programs. But after a few peer reviews, they said I should use grotesque sounds if I could, to make this video even more disgusting and uncomfortable.

Adiran helped set up the camera for me, and showed me how to record, and we enjoyed filming this piece, because it was just very bizarre. Some of the fingers were too stiff to be pulled, and if all 8 fingers were pulled at once, the head piece would not stay on the head. So 3 fingers was already enough for the piece to slowly drop downwards, and Karin’s finger had the easiest and strongest mechanism. It could also be pulled with one hand, unlike David Andy Poppy’s, which needed two hands for support of pulling.

I need to edit the photographs and video tomorrow, and present stills onto a sheet. Overall, I am really happy with the outcome, and there are only a few loose ends to tie up now for this FMP!


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