Making the final piece – Day 7

It was a very busy day, as I put together the headpiece! It is nearly complete, but I am worried whether it will be done before 10am tomorrow for the photoshoot, as the gluing takes a while.

Weaving the latex was simple, and what worked so well was that it was sticky, but not to the point where I couldn’t separate the pieces at all if I didn’t stick it in the right place. This meant that I didn’t have to worry about stitching on the sewing machine, as the strips just naturally bonded together strongly.


I am waiting for the liquid latex to dry for these fingernails. I will cut the rubber around it and use it to stick onto the fingers, as bostik glue resists wax by itself, so the rubber will be a good layer to sandwich between the wax nail and finger.

So once I attached the woven surface onto the calico piece, I noticed that the edges seem quite unrefined, and frayed. The woven piece was cut too short to wrap around the edge, but thankfully, I had a lot of leftover thin strips of latex left. And since latex sticks well with other latex pieces, I used those leftover trimmings to cover the frayed edges, making the edges less like calico, but more like edges of raw flesh.


I was most worried about how the mouths would turn out. Although I’ve tested the slime before, I have not tested it to see how it holds the woven pieces with the mouth shape cut through them, so I don’t know how strong the slime is as a medium. And although I knew it took long to dry, I thought it would be dried quick under the heat gun but it took about half an hour for each mouth to dry fully. The heat gun also gave quite a gross, bubbly texture, which was unexpected, but worked to my advantage, and I did manage to get all mouths dried today. But I wished they were a little puffier, and perhaps a gradient of the lips would make it more realistic than one shade. It was a hit or miss in controlling the slime mouths to make it puffier, and definitely hit or miss to just pipe the precise mouth shapes.


Before the end of the day, I attached two large fingers to the bandana, and it worked! It took about 5 minutes to hold in place though, but it was very secure, and so pulling the finger is still very successful so far.



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