Making the final piece- Day 6

I have managed to complete quite a bit today. My vinamoulds have been made, and I have poured the wax in, so I will have the fingernails ready tomorrow! It has been a very quick process making these, I even left a lot of time in case something may go wrong, but it has been the quickest part to create out of everything so far. I am hoping to apply a little latex at the ends of the nails, and once dried, there will be a rubber formed, so I can use it to attach to the fingers.

Following on from my 1-1 yesterday, Lucy suggested I wrap string around the calico covered wires of the bandana, to complete it a bit more, and again, this was a very quick and easy process, and it really finishes off the piece as a whole, with no frayed edges going on.


And then, I decided not to use the cling film trapping I made yesterday because I thought I could make it better by using more accurate colours found in my primary research, and I made a much more improved sample:

I really like how prominent the yarns are in the trapping, much more than yesterday, as it is almost like protruding veins. Using red food colouring is more effective than red paint, because it spreads across the sample, like blood splatters and that’s really grotesque! So I made 3 A4 cling film sheets of those, and it was enough to cover all eight fingers.

It was difficult to cover the fingers, as it was very fiddly, but it was all about cutting the right shapes of the material to stick onto the curved form of the finger. I discovered that it’s not simply cutting squares of material and pasting it on- I needed to cut rounder shapes, stick that in the centre and work around it after. Like in these photos, I stuck round, light nude tones first, then cut semi circle shapes and stuck them around, until the whole finger is covered, the sides front and back. I worked from light to dark tones, following the curves and contours of our finger. And I managed to cover all fingers by the end of the day:




Tomorrow, I just need to weave and stitch with the dried latex mixtures, attatch the whole head piece, and it should be ready for the Friday photo shoot and filming.


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