Making the final piece- Day 5

Everything went according to schedule today! I was able to see David (our new technician in 3D workshop) to help me pour the vinamould into the damp clay moulds. It only took 2 minutes, and he says they will dry by tomorrow, ready for wax to be poured in. Because it was so quick, this left more time during the day to work on the other parts of my piece.

I focused on making all the 8 fingers rounder, as they looked too angular, almost robotic, and not human like enough.

This was definitely a huge difference, and the closer it looks to the real fingers, the more grotesque. I used a little newspaper, masking tape, and brown tape to seal the shape in place, ready to be covered by the gross surface texture. Again, I remembered not to layer too much brown tape and newspaper, as it needs to be light.

And finally, I created the cling film trapping to cut up for covering the fingers. It traps acrylic paint, yarn and hair trimmings. I think this sample is okay, but it could be improved if the gradient was smoother, and I think the reds are a little too strong and the baby pink is too bright, and is only better once blended with a brown to make it darker. I will use this trapping to cover the smaller fingers, but for the larger ones, I will make another improved trapping, and thicker yarn, as this one is not noticeable as much. To stick cling film onto the fingers, I think I could use PVA glue. This way, it seals the brown tape too, making it a strong, solid structure.




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