Final 1-1 Tutorial

This morning I had my final 1-1 Tutorial with Lucy, and everything seems to be going well, and so I just need to push forward for this final deadline!


Lucy helped me list all the sheets that need to be completed- and in total, I am looking at submitting 12. This is a good amount, because even though I planned another one or two, it would just be sheets repeating exactly what is already in my sketchbook, like the initial ideas from Hunterian museum, and it just doesn’t add anything more to what I have now.

Lucy discussed the finishing of my piece a bit more- and I really like her suggestion of keeping the edges raw and uneven, not a “cleanly cut” skin look, which will lessen the grotesque aesthetic a bit. Because my aim is not to treat the latex as a fabric for a garment, but I am embracing its’ unrefined qualities instead- the messy, gross and the disordered aspect.

I am very happy that Lucy has found this project to be well rounded and well researched, and I am hoping the final piece will be just as successful as the development for it has been so far.



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