Resolving & Reflecting on problems occurred

Yesterday I hesitated on creating the latex mixtures for my final piece, causing me to fall a little behind schedule. And so I pinpointed the reasons today, and I am very relieved to have resolved a couple of problems that prevented me from confidently completing the head piece.

Firstly, I created what I thought would be a final illustration of the piece a few days ago, but it turns out that I was unsure about the surface textures around the top of the head:


I thought that the purple and lighter flesh tones could be more diverse, and if I intend to weave the strips, they should also be in different widths so that there is a variety of forms, scales, shape and size to study around the head. I also did not like the surface textures of the fingers, it could be more grotesque and the red specks seem too odd against the purple somehow.

So in my personal journal, I quickly fixed the illustration, roughly, and this is what I want to achieve:


So both a surface texture problem and technical problem have been resolved here. The surface texture of the fingers still includes red, but in a more grotesque way, of a dark brown descending into red, and then a lighter flesh tone. I have decided to make all the fingers like this because there is a lot of disordered/ messy aesthetic going on as a whole, and it is necessary to have something ordered to pull it back, and have the piece look complete as a whole. As for the technical problem, I intended to have the chin piece fastened with wire, but I will use strings instead, as this is more comfortable for the model.

I realised that my hesitation for finalising the surface texture of the top part was because I was not referring to my primary research enough, specifically my photographs at the Butchers. I need to USE MY RESEARCH. Because this is what inspired this final rough illustration in my journal, the descending brown to flesh tone & the light pinks are all from these images:

And so that is why I am glad I realised this, and the sooner I did, the better. I have also made adjustments to which pieces should have larger woven strips or thinner woven strips. And this will be illustrated more clearly in my sketchbook.

I am confident enough to complete the latex mixtures of my final piece now, and I just need to resolve how to attatch the fingernails most effectively.


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