Making the final piece- Day 3

Today’s work had me question a couple of things. I am starting to worry about how to attach the wax fingernails onto the fingers, as superglue does not work with wax. But I have a few soloutions in mind (covering fingers with latex, then gluing the latex bit onto finger, tying the fingernail onto newspaper with string and tying it to the finger etc) but I will confirm what techniques to use once I’ve made the wax pieces.

I have nearly finished my 3 part bandana:

This has been working very well, and it is becoming bizarre how the face can no longer be identified, and the head as a whole becomes difficult to understand – where is the front / back? This strange quality works to my advantage, as that is quite creepy and maybe even grotesque.

I have never heard of hook and eye before, so I am really glad Lucy suggested it to me because I have every confidence that the bandana will be fastened well. So, these will be attatched to the top bit of head piece, and the parts that will be dangling down.

Problems foreseen/ urgent things to complete :

  • Surface texture designs around the top of the head- need to finalise this in sketchbook before making
  • Attatching the wax fingernails
  • Organising schedule for next week (last week of FMP, sheets still need to be done)
  • Ensuring mechanism can still work, and that the piece is not too fiddly / uncomfortable when worn
  • Photoshoot/Filming sessions

I intended to prepare latex mixes today, but I did not as I still want to finalise my surface texture designs first before making it. Now, I have to fill in my last week of planning and activity, and resolve the soloutions above before the final deadline.


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