Making the final piece- Day 2

I did not get as much done as I planned today, because constructing the bandana took longer than I expected. But I did not panic, as it was quite an intricate process that needed time and careful handling, so I did not rush it and I was proud of the outcome:

This bandana is one of the most technically challenging structures of the piece, as it has to be soft and comfortable, but also flexible and strong enough to hold heavy pieces of latex dangling from it. I have stuffed a little wadding under the calico to make it comfortable for my model, and used thick, soft  craft wire that I purchased online than the silver wire in the studios, as this was more flexible and easier to work with. I measured where the holes would be for the fingers, mouth and wires. After trying it on Rachel, it was tight, sturdy and soft, and that is exactly what I intended. The bandana will not only be secured with wire fastenings, but Velcro too.

I have also tried fitting the greyboard fingers through the holes of the bandana, and I was so proud to see it come  together! Now I just need to make sure the fingers are glued tightly onto the calico, and that the latex and newspaper around the greyboard won’t make it too heavy, and disturb the mechanism as well as the head piece overall.

My latex mixed with red food colouring looks extra gross this time, perhaps because I added more red! I will wait another night until I peel off the pieces, to make sure it is all dried. Tomorrow, I will finish off the calico structure and latex mixes, and hopefully, the fingernails will be made quick next week, so that the final piece will be ready for next friday’s photo shoot.


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