Visiting Cassandra Sabo

Following Robert’s suggestion from my dragon’s den presentation in March, I finally arranged to meet with Cassandra Sabo, a BA Textiles graduate from Central Saint Martins in 2011. I have gained knowledge in the weaving process, an insight into a textile designer’s studio, and a lot of valuable advice about the course I will be studying next year.


  • The grids where she marks her patterns prove incredibly useful before starting her piece
  • It took about a week (quickest) to set up and thread up her loom
  • Working with fibre optics
  • Weaving shafts are controlled with the nails, can take up to hours to set up, and so a much more modern loom with an iPad make sure it quicker

These are some of her incredible woven pieces:

As well as understanding more about weave and its’ technical qualities, I learnt a lot about the BA Textiles course in CSM, and she gave me a very vivid insight as to what to expect, and what to expect after gaining the degree. She describes it as “the best course she has ever taken, not to mention, the most challenging!”. She strongly suggests that I take notes whenever possible, as I will have to present the techniques I want to use in group crits, and they will prove useful if I want to refer back years later as an independent designer! It is also important to network, wherever I am (use social media too!), because after the BA, I am left on my own to decide what I want to achieve for a career, and this means alongside artwork, I need to constantly research opportunities for mysef.


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