Finalising the structure

I have finally reached the point where I am ready to make the final piece tomorrow. I have tested a structure that resolves the issue with comfort and weight of the latex pieces, and I am confident that this will work.

I even tried the piece on Rachel (my model for the photo shoot) and I am slowly foreseeing the overall aesthetic, which is so exciting!

Prior to this point, I thought a lot about how to construct each part around the head. Again, I was definately  challenged in technical thinking, as even the smallest adjustment can cause a huge problem. So after sketching an idea in my personal journal, I went ahead and created the first prototype of the day:

Karin models this prototype too, and when trying it on Rachel, I was very happy that the measurements were correct, and that it was not uncomfortable. I adjusted a few things after evaluating yesterday’s rough pieces:

  • The bandana width is larger, almost like a large blind fold now, so that there is room for the lips and the fingers
  • Wire is more neatly sewn on the edges of the bandana
  • Zig zag stitch around the holes of the bandana, so seal the stuffing

However, after making this prototype, I realised that there would be a problem in attaching the back piece to the bandana, as it still seems weak at the back. So I added another wire and extended the bandana length a bit more, so that the whole head is covered at the back, which therefore provides a thorough support of the heavy latex pieces:


And the rest of the head piece parts from today are here:

The first piece will have Velcro instead of a single wire at the end, as Velcro is more secure and convenient to attach onto another piece. The bandana in the centre is from my first prototype, which I changed afterwards in terms of length and wiring but the lip hole will remain the same. The finger holes will be cut closer to the lips, because the third piece (third picture), covered these holes, as it is worn over the ears. This piece is very significant, as it secures the bandana in place if it is loose.

I also tested out the lips moulded from slime. But it took me a very long time to mould it with my hands, because it is too sticky, and the shape cannot stay in one place, since it just sticks to my fingers etc. So luckily, Karin suggested that I use a plastic bag as a piping bag, and pipe the slime instead. This worked within minutes, and I got the perfect lip shape for the final outcome! (Second picture : left- lips moulded from hands, right- piped lips)

Finally, the latex has dried on the finger, and the mechanism is still as strong. So I will be painting with latex on the fingers once I make them, and that saves a lot of time (and keeps the weight lighter) than creating the latex separately, and then sticking it on.


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