The Final Piece (sketches)

I’ve been able to divide my final piece into 4 sections:

  • Surface Texture
  • Fingernails
  • Moving mechanism
  • Hair Piece

These are all aspects which I have explored in my sketchbook, and so I have been trying to merge them all into one solid design, and this is what I have produced so far:


This double page spread focuses on the mechanism and hair piece. Following Lucy’s advice, I tried to explore as many ways as I could with arranging the fingers around the head, and I have decided that it will be 8 fingers in total, 4 large ones and 4 slightly smaller ones. The larger fingers will have the grotesque fingernails, and the smaller fingers will be grabbing the slime as it is pulled whilst filming is in action. I need to construct the fingers out of greyboard first, and see how the latex will bond onto the board. My only concern is that the fingers will be too heavy, and the headpiece will not hold well. However, this can be prevented if I use strong craft wire as the base, then the woven latex, then the fingers attached.

Long straight hair is needed for this piece, and so I have ordered a wig for the mannequin to test this design out. I guess the comical aspect of grotesque is with the hair coming out of the mouths, and so I’m very excited to see this. Again, I should not complicate the structure too much, as I want this head piece to be worn by a model too, so it must also be easy to remove and put on. So I have opted for the square panels of woven latex design (last one in second picture) because long rectangular pieces seem more awkward on the hair.



This double page focuses on the surface texture of the final design. I have been very impressed with my surface texture explorations, and it was challenging to merge my favourite ones into one design. It was hard not to make it confusing with the many textures in one place, but I found ways to illustrate them clearly, and linking the textures together so that they don’t seem like separate pieces. Nothing here is permanent yet, but once I finish my refined samples, I will be confident enough to choose my final ways of creating grotesque surface textures. Right now, it could be:

  • Latex + Calico square pieces
  • Woven Latex with hair strips and red food colouring
  • Slime
  • Clingfilm Trappings
  • Knit
  • Latex + Wool
  • Latex + Wiggly eyes

Now, I need to finish my refined samples and create the clay fingernail moulds in preparation for the vinamould & wax workshop on Monday.

Other realisations from sketching today:

  • Practicing illustration skills
  • Thinking technically (scales and weight)
  • 3D forms
  • Foreseeing problems and soloutions
  • Time management

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