Refined Samples (further preparation)

The samples I prepared yesterday have not yet dried fully, which I expected. And after collecting the right materials, I was finally able to continue preparing more latex mixtures today, and so hopefully, the samples are completed by Sunday.


The colours here are very organic- the transition of red to orange, blue and then purple. However the blue will not stay, because the final result is a very dark purple, which works more realistically as a bruised skin sample. To improve, I want the red blotches to be more round, as some are in straight lines, and the more disordered this can be, the more grotesque it is.

I’ve foreseen a technical materials problem whilst making these samples. Up until now, I’ve used palette paper for the latex to dry on, because it peels off very easily from a non-porous surface. However the palette paper pad is expensive, and limited in terms of the size I want to make my samples, since the biggest they can be is just more than A5 but not yet A4. And I have to use a lot of palette paper for the latex of my final piece, so the price is the problem here, and also the little amount of material I can get from this way of working. So I tried using cling film instead- which  is also non porous. The best thing about it is that there is no limit on size- I can tear off as much cling film as I want, so the sample can be huge. But it’s also causes the texture to be wrinkled at the back, and peeling off the latex is a bit more difficult, so the sample is more likely to be torn. The bottom also seems more damp than using the palette paper. This is shown in the second picture.

I could argue that the wrinkly, damp texture is fine, because that itself is a grotesque surface texture. And perhaps the thin film that is stuck behind the sample is fine without being peeled off- maybe it can bond better with gluing other pieces on. However, it is heavier, so I will not use this part for the fingers, but perhaps the head  and hair structures instead.

Latex sample drying on palette paper = lighter in weight, more convenient for fingers

Latex sample drying on cling film = heavier, more convenient for the solid head and hair structures 

These moulds are still drying, and the latest I hope to complete the refined samples is Monday. I will also be trying out a bostik glue to join the latex together, which says it is compatible with rubber. I hope this works, because despite emailing Vin + Omi, the special latex glue and solvent they use is too expensive to be used for the FMP.


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