Refined sample designs (preparation)

I have sketched 8 refined sample designs in my sketchbook, and I am currently waiting for the latex to dry, hopefully by tomorrow, so that I have the material to work on with weave and stitch.

I created these refined designs by combining the successful techniques I explored last week, and the qualities of a “gross” or “grotesque” texture I learnt from my primary and secondary research so far and my collages. It is most important to keep the texture looking unnatural, assymetrical, disordered, and organic if possible, because the human body is the subject I am exploring. In the last photo, I used soft pastels which did not work as well as expected. I originally was going to use colouring pencils, but I could not find them, so I thought the soft pastel blends would create a smooth red to pink transition. I think this was fine, it just doesn’t go well next to pen work since it smudges a lot, so next time I will not combine these two mediums on a page.

The mould in the last photo is filled with latex, and that may take 2.5 days to dry fully. I will bear this in mind for the making of the final piece, because even though a blow dryer can speed the process a bit more, it creates another bubbly surface texture, which is not ideal if I want a smooth, rubber surface.


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