Fingernail Explorations

Upon Lucy’s suggestion of exploring grotesque fingernails in an earlier tutorial, I sketched a few initial designs, and I really enjoyed presenting them in my sketchbook:


I started off with a simple long “claw” and became more inventive and grotesque with assymetrical shapes and edges, and unusual hairy lumps. The “wiggly eyes” seemed quite decorative on the nail for me, so I definitely do not want that design. Merging mouths onto the fingers is also quite comical and creepy, but I think it could have a bigger shocking factor if the nails were flesh toned, odd sized (not the usual nail cuticle, but thinner or larger instead), so my favourite design is currently the 3rd one in the first photo. It is also quite simple in terms of clay moulding, which I feel may be best, because I no longer have time to experiment with vinamoulds, and as it is my first time using the technique, I want to excel in using a simple design. This is an aspect I will mention later in my evaluative statement, because I would feel more confident in creating complex vinamoulds if I’ve tried the technique earlier.

Now, I will sketch a little more initial ideas, settle for a final fingernail design and begin creating the clay moulds soon, ready for the vinamould and wax next week.


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