The World’s Ugliest Colour

Upon peer reviewing, I was told about a 2012 article on the world’s ugliest colour used on cigarette packets to put smokers off. It’s described as shade “dab dark brown”:


The new cigarette packaging in the U.K., Ireland, and France uses this shade and it is perceived to be the ugliest in the world, by researchers in Australia. Within a group of 1000 smokers, mostbchose this colour as the most off putting. This is because the colour is associated with dirt, tar, even death, no positive connotations at all. They actually intend to sell the packages from May 2017!

I think this links back to my research on why we are disgusted? I actually created this shade earlier in my project mindmap of my sketchbook, because I thought this shade was like in bruises, and therefore grotesque. If I was not focusing on nude flesh tones or reds, I would have perhaps used this colour scheme of dark browns, murky purples etc because they do look unpleasant.



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