Group Review and Reflection


We spent the afternoon reviewing eachother’s work in the Fashion & Textiles pathway, and providing valuable feedback on the work produced so far. Everyone took turns to be in the “hotspot” seat, where we would present our project first, and then have 3 people pick questions out of the question bag, and then once answered, we would receive feedback from Lucy and peers.

I added a question in the bag and it was:

What have you learnt/ realised from doing your FMP?

I wanted to know what people’s answers were because I am interested in how the project has benefitted the person themselves, and if they have gained enough from this project to feel ready to progress onto the next thing that they have planned to progress to. I have realised a lot from FMP, because I now understand fully how I work and how I like to think. I like to be in control of my materials, and I like to be very unconventional, and try out very strange combinations of techniques. Basically being very inventive, and knowing that although textiles is defined as fabric, it is also materials, and materials is what contributes to how we live.

This lead me to ask myself,

How and where does my work stand within the field of art and design?

And this is what popped up a lot in our group session. I feel like Rachel’s project is a great example of answering this question, and I explain this further on the sheet we completed at the end:


As for me, my project does not sit into the design field commercially. I think what I want, is that this final piece should stand for something bigger, to communicate to viewers that materials can be cleverly manipulated to cause an immediate, strong reaction. This is how we have the lifestyle we live in now. And this takes me back to how I was drawn to the technological world we live in at present, and how smart our materials are becoming. So, my piece represents the future in this way, and the rapid development of smarter materials, because who knows what the next lifestyle will be in 100 years?

Whilst listening to everyone discussing what problems they may encounter (or have encountered), I noted down more questions that I need to resolve too:

  • Have I planned well?
  • Have I researched into my materials before I started using them?
  • Have I fully researched Puppetry and their mechanisms?
  • How am I exhibiting my piece?

Like Lucy, I need to plan shorter, more achievable tasks each day. I haven’t researched into latex before using it, and if I did, perhaps I would have created my ideal textures faster. I never found anything that I could use for myself from the puppetry research, apart from one template I found online, which I don’t think is “puppetry”, but this may just be a slight lack of research. And I am still brainstorming what my exhibition space will be like, and I hope to know by the end of this week.

Other realisations from doing the group review:

  • Building more confidence in speaking, and speaking about my work
  • Critically reviewing other peers
  • I should be a bit more brave and ask more questions of my own next time
  • Realising what I need to do for myself from another person’ s problem encounters (e.g. completing more research etc)





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