Presenting exploratory samples

Today marked the final day where I can finally narrow down my techniques into refined samples. All my pending latex/ slime samples have dried now, and I have plans for the next steps ahead, and before proceeding with this, I wanted to present the exploratory samples immediately, so I can study them all in once place in my studio.


I am much more confident now in presenting on A1 sheets by myself, as in the past I have had Lucy check them before I stuck them on, but I felt like I was able to arrange the samples in the best and most easiest way that the eye can read them. Some of the samples are very grotesque and textural, and that needed to be balanced with a much more simpler, smoother surface texture, so I feel like I completed the task well.


The latex in plastic moulds worked well, especially the ones in the second picture, which resemble beads or tooth even. The holes make it very convenient to just poke yarn and needle through, so I will definitely use them in my refined samples. As for the one above, I think it can be more grotesque if I create slime to ooze out of the holes of the latex.


A lot of people found this sample to be very witty- which is my intention as grotesque has a comical element. The wiggly eyes is very secure in the latex, and it doesn’t matter if the eyes are upside down, as the other side is clear too.

I have noted down the techniques which were successful during this exploratory phase of playing with materials, and I have recorded 14 in my journal. I did not expect the latex and slime to have worked out as well as I thought, so I now have to carefully select ones to develop further, and how to merge some techniques without making it look too confusing or overwhelming.



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