Claire’s Lecture- “Evaluation & Reflection”

Claire’s lecture this morning made me realise a couple of things I should not forget to keep consistent until the end of FMP. We went through the 7 aspects of the FMP which need to be excellent in order to gain a distinction:


Claire divided us into 7 groups, and in my group, we had to create a mindmap of how “Evaluation and Reflection” can be evidenced in our work. At first, I thought it was only the blog and evaluative statement which shows this the most, but in fact, it is within everything I have been doing:


I may not have realised fully that just as I am creating an initial sketch in my sketchbook, it is similar to writing a reflective blog post. For every initial design I create, I am building upon the previous one and improving it, or exploring an alternative, and this itself is reflection on something unsuccessful, and finding another way. It also ties in with problem-solving too. In addition, idea development sheets work similarly, and record my decision making along the way, and therefore shows I have reflected and have gone with a particular decision. I am hoping that the audience will see my final piece, and understand that I have made particular decisions using my best judgement of what can work/ not work.

So I have gained a realisation from this lecture on how these assessment points are assessing much more beyond what I initially thought they did, how reflection is more than just a blog post or journal entry, or how problem solving can be theoretical and technical. I think it is important that I clarified this so that I realise how the assesment points are already achieved (or will be achieved) with every little step I have made so far on FMP.


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