Further Experiments

The latex sample with red food colouring and contact lenses soloution added has fully dried, and the outcome was very graphic!


I did not expect the food colouring to show up very strong after the sample dried, and I didn’t expect it to be purple, but this works even better for the disgusting, gross texture I want to achieve. I am glad I experimented with the food colouring instead of ink, because this bruised, purple effect cannot be done with inks, unless I use specific shades. I used it out of pure curiosity, and by coincidence because I do not have red ink, but it worked out better this way. I think the food colouring resists the latex too, because I tried it again this time and I observed more closely. This is why some parts of the sample above looks burnt, and it means something in the colouring just doesn’t blend in with the latex fully, unlike acrylic paint.


After collecting some polystyrene bits from Orinoco scrap yard, I added a few into the slime, following another tutorial I found in my earlier research. Then, for the comical effect of grotesque, I added wiggly eyes into the mix and it was so witty,  but gross too due to the bulging, pus like texture:


A lot of the eyes were upside down, so perhaps I should mark a dot onto those ones to make them seem like eyes again. Since the slime is thick, it will take 2 nights to dry.

In Orinoco, I found strands of plastic film and straws so I used this in the slime mix too, and a disgusting, sculptural form came out of it, almost like a brain being taken out. Since it is so three dimensional, I will wait for it to dry, then I will draw the grotesque form, and use it to inspire more surface texture designs. Again, it may take 2 nights at least till it has dried.

As Lucy recommended, I tried out cling film trappings, and I’m very happy with the outcome. The way the ink/ food colouring bleeds when trapped in the film resembled veins, and it is definitely grotesque. A classmate of mine says it reminds her of our hearts, which means this looks very raw, and real in colour and form. This vein effect is what I cannot achieve with the slime, so I will develop refined samples using this technique too. The one in the last photo is most successful, as the paint needs to be a bit dried already, or the cling film will rip easier under the iron.

I found these plastic “mounds” from Orinoco, and I am waiting to see if the latex will dry capturing the mould it is surrounded in. I don’t think it will work very well, as the latex could be too fragile to tear out and maintain in shape after drying time, but we can only wait and see.

After this round of drying time, I will finalise what techniques I want to use for my final piece. Too much surface textures can make the piece confusing, but that is also dependent on the design and final aesthetic of it too. I need to order a few more tubings and sheets from 4D rubber to knit and embroid with, and I will create and present samples in the upcoming week, as well as create a final design, ready to be exhibited soon.



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