Using Latex

After purchasing a bottle of liquid latex from Hobbycraft yesterday, I immediately experimented with the medium,  and I tried to be as inventive as possible.

I thought the latex would dry a bit quicker, but it takes at least 30 minutes until a thin layer is completely dry. I used about 8 brushstroke layers of the latex as the bottle recommends, and I created little samples. I trapped yarns, fabrics, papers, plastic, and altered the consistency with slime, and I am currently waiting for the latex to dry fully. It should just take about 3 hours max.


The yarn seems the most grotesque looking out of the three so far in this photo, and I think the latex will trap it really well, and it will open possibilities for me to trap paper in next time, perhaps cutting different shapes from paper, shapes that will eventually come from my surface texture research.

These are just plain latex, and on the right, I blow dried it slightly, and a slightly bubbly texture formed, which works successfully with my aesthetic.

On the left, I have trapped calico, wool and bits of a plastic bag. The calico and wool seems to blend well with the latex in terms of colour, as it is just like pale skin. I am hoping it will dry fully tomorrow, as the centre can still be slightly moist after a night, which I discovered with the slime samples. On the left, I tried creating slime after pouring the latex in the mixing bowl, and it seems to resist each other. The consistency is very watery, and I don’t think it will dry as quick as the others. It’s also difficult to manipulate the slime into the shape I want when it is in the latex, so this was my least successful sample.

I predict that this sample will be my most successful. I used a 2:3 ratio of acrylic paint to liquid latex, and so the consistency is thick. The thickness will be ideal if I want to stitch it later on, and it will just feel and look like a thick skin layer. I added trimmings of hair extensions I used from Part 1, to add to the grotesque effect as the hairs are so uneven, disordered and unnatural.


I will continue to record what the latex is like after it has dried tomorrow, or whether it has not dried. I managed to record how I made each one in my journal using ratios, so that I don’t forget what I changed in the consistency or mix.


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