1-1 Tutorial

The tutorial today with Lucy really helped me to understand what I needed to do next, and she suggested new ideas for me to explore, which I am excited about.


Things I need to do:

  • Email Vin + Omi about how they use latex in their garments, and what special glue do they use for latex
  • More designs in my sketchbook exploring the successful finger mechanism
  • Explore all possibilities of a finger- the length, the nails, hair etc
  • Experiment with mould and wax for creating fingernails
  • Grotesque can also be in the wax in water technique
  • Experiment with hair as the strings for pulling fingers
  • Use grey board for constructing the fingers
  • Mount meat photographs
  • Begin exploring textures and patterns on fabrics and surfaces
  • Experiment with cling film- cling film melting technique
  • Record my experimentations on sheets
  • Order more from 4D rubber, flesh tone latex sheets and try knitting with latex tubing
  • Research more into the psychological aspect of space and disgust

I have discovered new techniques in this tutorial that I need to try, and ways to develop what has been successful so far (like the moving finger mechanism, the wax in water project in Part 1, the idea of a head piece).

Unfortunately, I could not find the latex in the studios today so I had to take time to buy my own, so latex experimentation is falling a little late than planned. Thankfully, I had no trouble finding it, and I am excited to try it out tomorrow.


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