Slime (drying overnight)

After leaving the slime to dry overnight, I was surprised to find the new textures that formed:

I expected the slime to harden, but it is a foam instead, and it is slightly sticky still, and perhaps will dry completely if I leave it for another night. I couldn’t peel the slime off the paper very well, so next time, I will leave it to dry on “palette paper” instead, which does not attract the stickiness of the slime.

If I were to weave slime, I need to create strips of slime and leave it to dry first, then weave it. This will be much easier than weaving it whilst it was wet and more stringy. And once I create a more solid piece of dried slime, I will try stitching into it with the sewing machine and I will see how it dries when things are trapped in the slime too. The one with bits of tissues trapped in is successful in providing a grotesque texture, and I think using more prickly, or rougher materials will make it even more gruesome.

I will cut strips of these to present on sheets and in my sketchbook too. I also need to try painting over the textures, or using ink/ watercolours as well.


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