Creating Slime

Today, I shopped for materials to create a very easy slime, using PVA glue, contact lenses soloution and shaving foam. I followed this tutorial which I found earlier in my research:

In the beginning, I had a very watery consistency which was wrong, and I realised it was because I did not put enough shaving foam. As soon as I sprayed more, the slime was immediately formed and it was very sticky! It was still a bit moist, perhaps due to a lot of contact lenses soloution added in. However as I mixed more and started over again and again, the slime was much more suitable in shaping and moulding into what I wanted.

These were the textural outcomes that came from the slimes:

I enjoyed using the slime a lot, and it is a viral object online as people find satisfaction in playing with it. But some people still find it grotesque too, and I had an equal amount of disgusted and intrigued reactions whilst I made it.

I used red food colouring for the slime, and I used quite a lot. This was because I kept adding shaving foam, which lightens the slime and it becomes white again. I want to try adding the colouring after making the slime next time, but I also want to try creating a more accurate flesh tone too, so I will be adding a bit of blue and yellow colouring in the mix.

I loved it most when the slime was stringy, as this is very grotesque. It also fits in with my design involving fingers moving in the slime, making it stringy and repulsive. I tried weaving the slime, and it only worked when I just created grid forms with the slime, not actually weaving it over and under as the slime sticks immediately to the flat surface it is on. But this grid form still resembles a woven structure, and I am pleased with that.

Now, I am waiting for the slime to dry, so that I can see what the texture is like and if I can still work with a hardened slime. It already started drying up within 2 hours, so perhaps it will only take a night. As for the white slime textures, I will paint over them, especially the weave, and I will see if I can refine the textures further, and if not, then I will trim them, ready to mount onto sheets.


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