Xooang Choi

Similarly to Ronit Baranga, Xooang Choi explores the human body and its parts.

I am most drawn to the last artwork, with the heads hanging around in a circle. It provokes me to think about suspending things, suspending body parts. And the back of the heads look so odd, perhaps because of how they are joined together as one, and it seems like one whole creature even.

The installation of hands as wings also makes me feel uncomfortable, perhaps because of the redness, how it looks so alive, as if blood is running to those hands, how warm they seem like, how they could just move and attack you.

Xooang’s work is about the concern for the human condition in society- so many things, like politics, relationships etc. The sculptures of the human bodies are grotesque, and freaky. Like heads being merged as one, and tongues being tied, this shows how powerless the human beings are, held “captive by their condition”.

Choi’s encourages me aesthetically to think about enlarging some body parts, the sensual parts like lips etc, and making them stand out with a bold red tone, making it seem alive too. Even with just the tongue, I can think of a lot of tangible ways to explore this; tongues tied, knots, braids etc.




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