Clarifying project concept & Initial sketches

After creating a few initial designs based on my primary research at the hunterian museum, I started to question my concept again, and I feel like it has developed slightly. Previously, I wanted to explore personal space solely, but I needed an aesthetic so I turned to grotesque. But I was stuck on whether the project was purely about grotesque now, and our instinct of disgust, and in this situation, “personal space” isn’t much of a strong part of my project as I had hoped.

However, it is still possible to change this. I can still make both “personal space” and “grotesque” balanced elements. I tried to find what both had in common, and it was human instinct, with psychological qualities involved too. Therefore, I am actually exploring the relationship between two types of instinct, disgust and space. When I think of my final piece, I’d say grotesque is an instinct people would obviously pick out more, and personal space is what would only be understood by the person who is using/ wearing the piece. In a way, instincts are acting simultaneously for both the viewer and the piece, and I really want to communicate that the human body itself, is so clever in ways we aren’t consciously aware of all the time.

So I’m wondering if the project title should still be “Personal Space”, or perhaps “Instinct” instead. I am still leaning towards Personal Space more, just because it was how I developed grotesque eventually, but as a balanced title, maybe Instinct is better. I’ll clarify this in my next tutorial.

From my hunterian museum sketches, I produced a few rough designs to depict what I am thinking right now:


Recurring elements:

  • Weaving
  • Long strands
  • Tension/ Pressure
  • Head/ Hair pieces
  • Skin
  • Flesh

I also need to research into how to create a moving piece, and how to illustrate it in my sketchbook too, since I wasn’t as successful now with the moving hand sketch (last image).


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