Ishibashi Yui

I came across Yui’s artworks this morning, and it has provoked me to think about a piece involving the mouth perhaps, because it just seems so terrifying:


Or even a lot of pieces that involve the head, arms and legs too, just as the branches are sprouting out from the body in her artworks.

Perhaps it is unsettling because of how uncontrollable the branches are, in how they can grow in any direction, such an organic quality is both quite beatutiful but scary too. And Yui’s aim is to make us aware of how close we are to the natural world, and how we rely on the natural cycle when we are living and dying.

But somehow I want my piece to not have any element of “pleasantness”, like Yui’s green leaves here. It looks peaceful, and with my aesthetic of grotesque, I want to eliminate this possibility. A comical, bizarre quality is needed, but ultimately, this piece needs to be gruesome, and disturbing to look at.



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