Sourcing for materials

Today I’ve been trying to source my materials online and a few simple techniques that can create a grotesque texture.

After Lucy suggested that I look at 4D Rubber’s website, I discovered that they produce professional latex sheeting, and I have emailed with an order of 2 latex sheeting samples, latex loops and tubing. I plan to experiment with surface textures of the latex, using stitch/ weave and maybe even knit with the tubing, but I will know how to handle the medium once I’ve actually got my hands on it.

I’ve created a Pinterest board on ways I can manipulate latex, and I particularly liked how I can trap things in the latex (like sticks or oatmeal as the pictures show), and once it’s dried, the effect could be very grotesque, depending on what I have mixed it in with. Here is the board:

Interestingly, I came across a lot of videos on creating your own slime. This has been viral online a while ago, but I find potential in this technique, because with the slime, I can create endless surface textures, and when it’s stretched out into strings, maybe I can even weave it!

These two videos were the most useful, and it’s really easy to do, so I just need to get shaving foam, PVA glue, contact lenses solution and polystyrene packaging bits from Orinoco scrapyard.

In addition, I roamed around Amazon and I intend to buy latex gloves, skin tights, staplers and balloons. I feel like I can create something grotesque and perhaps mechanical if I play around with these materials, but if I cannot create a successful moving mechanism, then I can still use these in surface texture experimentations.

Now, I am going to search for materials in hardware shops too, because I think there are a lot of things which I can flexibly work with to achieve the textures I need.


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