Pinterest- Grotesque (Ongoing)

I’ve created a Pinterest board on the aesthetic of “grotesque”, so that I am visually stimulated everyday. It will be updated frequently, because I constantly find imagery that evokes exactly how I feel about this project, as well as discovering different ways in which it has been explored.

The pin that stood out to me most was this one:


These are installation pieces by Xooang Choi, and it is simply creepy and terrifying. A slight comical element is apparent, just because it is so strange, that our bodies can be perceived in this way. I find it extraordinary how intimate the “hands” piece makes me feel, almost as if they can actually come alive and touch you. I have also noticed that eyes are a feature I should explore, as a stare or a watch can be intimidating, and cause people to move away from you.

The Pinterest board link:



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