1-1 Tutorial

This afternoon, I had a 1-1 tutorial with Lucy. I showed her the few pages I recently completed in my sketchbook, first draft of project proposal/plan and my moodboard.

I was really excited to discover we have a robotics department at Wheatley campus! And one of the robots I saw from the Science Museum, Arty, was made by Brookes!

This was my feedback from the tutorial:IMG_5184

Lucy suggested that the Robotics department could possibly create the moving mechanism I need for my piece- like a moving finger for example. This is something that may not be achievable in the time we have, but if it could happen, my most difficult problem would be solved. But I am prepared for what could fail, and on my side, I should also be experimenting on creating the mechanism from scratch myself.

Helen was also at my tutorial, and she advised me on many ways to create very easy mechanisms, so I should look at puppetry and automaters. There are many videos on this, so creating a moving body part may not be too complicated after all.

The tutorial opened a lot of new ways of thinking and approaches for me, as I was unsure where to start moving the project forward. But I also felt like I was going in the right direction with my ideas, so I do not need to worry and I should just start making now. Now, I know exactly what I need to do:

  • Visit the Hunitarian Museum and Gordon Museum, complete primary research there
  • Research on how to create moving body parts
  • Research fabrics, and how to create a realistic skin effect
  • Research on Latex and experiment with it
  • Play with materials that make me feel gross
  •  Perhaps create one more moodboard to introduce personal space too

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