Creating a moodboard

Today I decided to present the imagery collected from my research onto a moodboard. It portrays my aesthetic of “grotesque”. In particular, I looked at Lee Bul, Ronit Baranga, Louise Bourgeoise, Yiwei Bo, Gigi Barker etc.


I tried a few different layouts, but I preferred the third one most, as I feel like the panoramic, landscape view worked best visually. The images I found were very strong, so it was important to not crowd so many together like I have done in the past. I intend to add a few light sketches of body parts perhaps, but I should remember to keep it clean and easy to read.

After Claire’s lecture today, I realised there was potential to create more than one moodboard/ research sheet, and that I didn’t need to limit myself to one. So I may create another board, perhaps one to introduce the “personal space” aspect.



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