Dragons Den: Presenting our FMP

Today I presented my FMP idea to Lucy and two people who are involved in the fashion industry (menswear and woman’s tailoring). It was a positive experience, and I am glad to see that I have a good starting point, and it is slowly becoming something more solid.

Here are a few slides from the power point presentation I made:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

This was my feedback form:


The panel helped me in pin pointing my struggle currently, which is the aesthetic side of the project, like where I could get my theme and colours from. I had a brief idea of a metallic colour scheme, like if I were to study door handles or locks. And I also realised that I could introduce a grotesque approach, with tongues etc. I think this is intriguing, as it is another route of exploring “personal space”, a slightly witty one too.

Now, I just need to complete my research at this stage and finalise where I want to take this idea further.


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