FMP Project Title: “Personal Space”

After reading a few chapters in Textile Visionaries by Bradley Quinn, I have finally established my FMP project title of “Personal Space”.

Definition of Personal Space:

– the physical space immediately surrounding someone, into which encroachment can feel threatening or uncomfortable.

I was drawn to this theme because of Nancy Tilbury’s spike jacket, which is a jacket embedded with sensors and flashes to warn others in keeping their distance. Further notes can be found in my personal journal.


In addition, I was intrigued in Adam Whiton and Yolita Nugent’s chic jacket that delivers an electric shock to force attackers to lose their grip. Whiton claims that in a rape, this jacket would be successful in protecting the victim too. It’s now sold to the police for riot gear.

Anti-rape jacket

I want to explore our natural instinct of claiming space for ourselves, especially in a crowded environment, like the London Tube. I imagine in my head, a replicate of the London Tube with hanging garments that have the technical abilities to react in response to claiming their own personal space, like how people on the tube strive to have their own space. I imagine the garment to have strings where viewers can pull, and it will puff outwards, like how a hedgehog or puffer fish acts towards a predator. This is a chance for me to show innovative, inventive ways to create mechanism within textiles, and that is a very modern topic which ties in with technology, a recurring topic from my exhibitions. It is ambitious, and it could dramatically fail but I know I can find solutions, and it will be my most successful outcome yet.


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