Victoria Miro: Do-ho Suh

It was a 40 minute wait for entrance to Do-ho Suh’s Passages installation! Nonetheless, I still enjoyed the exhibition as I have never seen anything quite like his work.

Screen Shot 2017-03-23 at 11.39.54 AM.png

Once entering the installation, you notice the meticulous details that Suh has captured, from door handles to the fire distinguisher signs.

Suh sees “home” as a physical structure and a lived experience and a place of identity, as well as a connection which is recognised by everyone in any culture around the world. He replicates the places he has lived and worked in, like his childhood home and the western apartments and studios. By recreating the architecture using translucent fabric structures, it’s as if we are walking through something solid but not quite, almost like when we are reminiscing in our heads. This is what I love about Passages, as we are literally walking through the memories of Suh. The vivid colours evoke positivity and a freshness, because to Suh, he claims that “We tend to focus on the destination all the time and forget about the in-between spaces. But without these mundane spaces that nobody really pays attention to, these grey areas, one cannot get from point a to point b.”



After the exhibition, I went upstairs and found more meticulous replicates of plugs and lightbulbs. The translucent qualities make the equipment look skeletal almost, and therefore enhances the line qualities. These light bulbs are what I like in particular, because despite the tangles and how they are all bunched together into one place, each bulb is still very visible, and tangible.


In this film piece, Suh takes us through the streets of London and South Korea. He attached 3 go-pro cameras onto his child’s pram, and the film switches from London to Korea every few minutes. He is literally showing us the journey to the destination, and makes viewers realise that it’s perhaps more exciting going through the journey, than reaching the final destination.

From this exhibition, I have drawn a few things that I also want to capture in my FMP:

  • Tangible qualities
  • Textures
  • Meticulous details when necessary
  • Something concerning space, or a manipulation of space (negative and positive etc)
  • Interaction with the audience
  • Something large, or having an overwhelming impact



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