Neri Oxman

After encountering Oxman’s masks in the Design Museum, I decided to research more into her works, and whether my initial FMP ideas could spark even more.

Oxman is a designer, inventor and architect. Her goal is to explore the relationship between built, natural and biological environments using design that is also inspired by nature.

Carpal Skin, 2009-2010, 3D Printed

This was a prototype for a protective glove against Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, a medical condition in which the nerves are compressed at the wrist, causing numbness and weakness in the hand. Carpal Skin works by distributing the hard and soft materials to fit the patient’s physical and psychological requirements. In this way, movements are limited, but beneficial for the patient, as the controlling of stiffness is tailored for each individual. It’s also inspired by animal coating patterns, and I think Oxman was very clever to invent something so customisable and good for well-being too.

IMG_5138Luna’s Wonderer, 2014, 3D Print

Luna (the goddess) is the brightest object in the sky after the sun. Oxman is inspired by the Moon’s surface texture and this design functions as a way of generating and storing oxygen. In addition, the texture contains pockets which can purify algae based air and biofuels (a fuel derived immediately from living matter). Oxman has created a series of these, which are designed to suit a particular extreme environment and atmosphere. It interests me in how intelligent the textile is, the mechanism in which it can react to its’ surroundings.

I’ve gathered that Oxman uses biological qualities in her mechanisms for textiles which I admire, and I realise that innovation, technology and sustainability in textiles are aspects which I would love to merge for my FMP. I want this final piece to reflect how smart design has become, and how we can manipulate such advanced technologies into textile design, because this is an achievement that can change the way we live completely. I will refine my explorations further, once I have discovered my concept. For now, I know my techniques could be somewhere along these lines:

  • Sustainable
  • Mechanisms
  • Reactive
  • Biological
  • Technological
  • Moving, Lively

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