End of Part 2


Prior to the foundation, I had an interest in fine art and textiles, however I realised now that I did not have a great understanding of those two specialisms until this course. I have matured in both my work and way of thinking as a designer. From the very first project (fine art sculpture) it was obvious that I was drawn to highly textural outcomes and vivid colours. I discovered that I was incapable of working without a 3D element too, therefore establishing that I also enjoy working technically and with structures. It was my weaving project which sparked an enthusiasm in using a broad range of media, and weaving as a skill became a primary interest for me throughout part two. In the Oxford museums project, I understood more about jewellery, and how attracted I was to the innovative qualities it possesses. Even till now, it is fabric jewellery designers who inspire me most, such as Elizabeth Ashdown and Arline Fisch. In addition, I became intrigued with knit and crochet after completing my delicate neck-piece for the Pitt Rivers gift shop. The Re-generation project confirmed my interests in traditional textiles even more, and I had a very inventive approach towards my suit jacket, by transforming it into macramé braids and constructing a distinctive garment design on anorexia within the fashion industry. By proving that I can draw a connection with a conceptual subject and textural outcomes, this influenced me to do the same with the Maps, Grids, Contours and Lines project. I improved in translating imagery into inventive, mixed media samples, and my collaging skills are more refined, yet still portray a liveliness and excitement in colours and structural forms. I continued incorporating weave, knit, embroidery, braiding and silk paper making, and this could be improved further if I were to explore heat and print processes more. I discovered that I want to be on a BA course which is highly experimental, and will not allow me to specialise very soon, because I want to explore the full potential of every technique for as long as possible. The investigative process in textiles is what I love most, and this flexible, tangible way of thinking will equip me with flexibility in working with interiors, fashion, lighting, accessories and many more in the future. For my final project, I want to create an installation, to exhibit my 3D thinking skills yet also with a conceptual, textural quality that represents a subject of my strong interest. By completing this piece, I will prove that I can design in an intellectual and distinctive way, but also with a capability of expressing my perception of my surroundings artistically.



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