Laser Cutting

Today, Ruth taught me how to laser cut into perspex.

  1. Have your design drawn with a very fine black liner onto an A3 sheet of paper
  2. Scan the design into the computer
  3. Load it up on Adobe illustrator
  4. Click “image trace” and adjust the settings so that the lines come out bolder
  5. Save this onto a USB
  6. Then, Ruth took us to the laser cut room near Derek’s workshop
  7. She loaded up the design again on a programme that connects to the laser cut directly
  8. Once she refined the lines a bit more, or circles (for me, since I had to punch holes in the perspex) she sent the design to the laser cutting machine


The final piece was exactly how I imagined it to turn out! The downside is that the pieces didn’t slot very securely together, and relied on the cables to tie them together, but it still worked out fine in the end. I loved how I could see the lines on every side due to the clearness of the perspex, and how textural it is with impressive line qualities. Next time, I will punch more holes and attempt more complex weaving/ yarn  structures, because I definitely feel confident with this technique.

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The final piece


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