ReFashion Show

Today was an extremely exciting day- I got to exhibit my garment onto a proper catwalk show, with a live audience in the Oxford Town Hall.


The venue had a large catwalk stage and stalls selling sustainable items surrounding it- like jewellery, pillow cases, blankets, clothes, shoes, coasters, bags etc. I really enjoyed looking around these stalls, as well as the show, and I especially love these buttons that were made from mother of pearl:


Buttons are a great accessory to focus on for sustainability- and I will bear that in mind in the future, as there are endless materials you could use for it, such as film from a CD, soft fabric, plastic etc.


I felt very proud to see my garment on show, I really liked how the ropes swayed and moved with the model as she walked. Although it isn’t dramatic in terms of silhouette, I think I captured the abstract quality of it very well, because it is a very conceptual piece after all, and I noticed that the speaker added how the outcomes are not always obvious and literal too. The white trousers and cropped top was a good idea, it ties the look together, and the black heels too. Perhaps for improvement, I will style the hair to be a little more dramatic or thematic, a more complex braiding. The final garment could only feel complete once it was on show to everyone.


It was incredible to see all the garments in one professional place, and the strong comment on sustainable fashion, and how this is a step forward in the industry at present.


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