Evaluation: Maps, Lines, Grids

The project is currently going extremely well, the only let down is that I am slightly behind in producing textile samples. The post will be updated once the final product has been completed.

What went well:

  • Making this a conceptual project, bringing in Vietnam and linking it to living in England
  • Gathered very strong visual material to work from
  • Quicker decision making and problem solving, such as design ideas and techniques that would work
  • Mixed media samples
  • Establishing a colour palette quick
  • Completing the moodboard quickly with confidence
  • Exploring lines in a very distinctive way
  • Unique outcome, a three dimensional textile piece laser cutted and threaded
  • Establishing an enjoyment with mixed media, conceptual thinking and colour schemes
  • Enjoying white pen on black paper, developing new drawing techniques
  • Building upon skills learnt in previous projects, silk paper making, weaving, knit, collaging, collectiong imagery

What could be improved:

  • Time management
  • Sketchbook work completed quicker and refined with annotations, don’t be too precious as they are sketches!
  • Could have tried using the heat press


I love the mixed media samples, because I see endless possibilities in translating it into textile samples, and eventually, a laser cut design! They are definitely an improvemet in my collage making skills from the weaving project in exploratory stage, as I paid more attention and refinement in drawing the exact shapes from my imagery.


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