Copenhagen, Days 1 and 2 

Despite the exhaustion from travelling, we were all very excited to arrive in Copenhagen! The roads were much wider, the drivers were on the left-hand side, the traffic light sounds were different, and the recurring places were Expresso House, Joe the Juice and 7 Eleven.

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We spent the first day in a lovely cafe with very friendly servers, who welcomed us warmly to Copenhagen. These are the textures I encountered along the way and in the the cafe:

I looked forward to exploring Copenhagen further to discover what my theme could be. So far through these photos, it could potentially be graffiti, papers, crispiness, red, layers.

On Tuesday morning we visited the Copenhagen Contemporary Art exhibition. Within this large space, several installations were being held. The first one was the Wish Tree Garden by Yoko Ono, where we write down our greatest wishes onto paper and hung it on the tree. This gives a very magical kind of vibe when you first enter the center, and it provides the visitor with a few minutes of quiet reflection, making the experience special for each person individually. All wishes are regularly collected and they will be sent to Yoko Ono after the exhibition ends. Wishes have been collected since 1996, and will be placed in Ono’s Imagine Peace Tower in Iceland, an installation dedicated to her late husband, John Lennon.


The other installation that intrigued me was George skins a fox, 1988 by Bruce Nauman. It is a carousel with five foam rubber bodies that are normally used to stuff animals, and there is also a small tv screen hanging, showing the hunter stripping a dead fox. The representation of death here resembles the wheel of life, and of memento. It is hypnotic in how it repeatedly spins, and how this symbolises how life and death keep repeating.


In the late afternoon, I found a small fine jewellery boutique next to the Design Museum called “Rough Diamonds.DK” by Maya Bjornsten.


In this beautiful store, I learnt that Bjornsten has an exceptional networking profile, and she is able to hand pick rough stones before they would normally be cut and polished. She strives to find unique stones, ones very special in their shape naturally. She told us that “all rough diamonds need a gentle frame.”, as her aesthetic is to bring attention to these beautiful stones, yet still maintaining their natural shape from the earth millions of years ago.

I arrived at the Design Museum an hour before it shut, unfortunately I couldn’t see much! But I definitely will return, because I know that this place would spark a few ideas for FMP, as I found textile structures in the very first pieces I saw!

Here are the textures I captured by the end of Tuesday:


Potential themes from these textures: Orange, blotches, blurriness, linear, crosses, ropes, ties, geometric, nature, earth, circular, white, monochromatic, cool, warm colours.


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