Dyeing and Silk paper workshop

Angela taught us dyeing and silk paper making, which has now become one of my favourite techniques.

To dye:

  • Use elastic bands or shells with a hole and poke the fabric through
  • Secure with dental floss
  • Follow the instructions that Angela emailed Lucy, but it’s also on google drive, measure the dye and sodium, salt, washing powder, water
  • Stir
  • Place fabric inside the dye pot and wait about 20 minutes before removing it

To make silk paper:

  • Using the silk (it is a creamy fluffy material), lay a good amount out, don’t make it too thick or too thin)
  • Arrange the yarns and wool pieces or fabric pieces on the silk according to design
  • Place another layer of silk over it
  • Spray water until it is quite wet
  • Wrap both sides with cloth and iron the silk, perhaps for 8 minutes
  • The paper is made

Dyeing wasn’t particularly new to me as I had done it previously, but it was a good reminder for me. I will definitely use the silk paper technique more often now, perhaps it will be a great surface to do embroidery on. I tried to make the samples relate to my maps, lines, contours project currently, with the messy lines and bright accents of colour:



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