Project Evaluation: Re-Generation

What was successful:

  • Practicing fashion illustrations
  • Practicing figure proportions
  • Executing a very conceptual idea into a tangible, textured garment
  • The final garment
  • Idea development
  • Sheet presentations
  • Trial and error of many fabric samples before making the garment, testing out many different techniques
  • Very individual approach to the topic
  • Creative use of materials
  • Chose a topic that kept my interest strong, even till the end of the project
  • Research from wider sources, blog posts and films etc
  • Technical aspect of the garment
  • Improved in knitting and learnt to create macramé braids
  • Realising where my strongest interests lie, which is traditional textile techniques

What could be improved:

  • Sheets were not completed on time
  • To bear in mind that extra time should be planned in the making process, in case something didn’t work out, which is what happened in this project
  • Sketchbook work still needs to be refined , still lacks annotations

I have thoroughly enjoyed this project, as it has challenged me on many levels, most importantly, making me realise that I really enjoy working conceptually. I was able to establish a link between a psychological topic (anorexia nervosa) and something tangible. I feel like it’s an exciting process in creating a textile piece in response to a subject that interests me, to represent my perception of it in an intellectual way. I also realised how much I love traditional textile techniques, such as knit, weave and braiding. This is where my strongest interests lie, and by using a secondhand man’s jacket, I was challenged to transform it into something completely different. I did that, and demonstrated how much I loved being inventive, and in exploring the potential of all materials I use.

For my next project, I want to continue working conceptually, to consistently think about what my textile piece is representing. In addition, I will continue being as experimental as I could within this upcoming two week project, just as I did with this one. I need to be quick and decisive in research now, as this project had two weeks dedicated to this part, and now I only have a few days. I hope to produce the same level of successful outcomes, just within a shorter amount of time.

Final garment modelled by Rachel


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