Making the Final Garment

Constructing the final garment took 5 whole days in total, and I now understand how I should manage the time to design and make for my next project.

What was successful:

  • The use of materials, rope for structure in braiding, use of suit jacket, knitting with plastic, machine stitching
  • Unique approach in using the suit jacket
  • The overall construction of the garment, strong and sturdy to wear despite using very delicate techniques
  • Execution of the design
  • Process was much smoother than it could have been- due to testing out techniques beforehand

What could be improved:

  • Neater hand stitching of the knitted pieces onto the garment
  • Finding a way to make the “rib cage” bit adjustable, as it is stitched in one place and was a little difficult in putting on/ removing off model

I am extremely happy with the final product, as it is a clear representation of my perception on anorexia; a hefty emotional state disguised in a skeletal form. The knitting adds weight when the model wears it, but it is clear plastic, so it isn’t a prominent piece for the viewers’ eyes; a metaphor for body image distortion where the anorexic person can feel weight, but everyone else can’t see it. Instead, they see the dark braiding, the skeletal qualities of the body, the extreme slimness that the anorexic person cannot see.



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