Needle Felting / Weaving

Angela taught us how to do needle felting, and I really enjoyed this technique as it seems like one of the quickest and easiest ways to produce a felt sample or a small picturesque piece like a landscape etc.

A woven piece by Ashdown

I created a sample inspired by Elizabeth Ashdown, because I wanted to practice on balancing my darker and brighter colours, and I feel that this was accomplished successfully. The bright blue was a clear focal point, and the small dark purple square finishes the sample overall. The teardrop shape is kept consistent, so it wouldn’t be too confusing or overwhelming to look at as a whole.

To remember:

  • Needs a sponge underneath the felt
  • Poke the needle down vertically, not too quickly, to avoid the needle in the fingers
  • For wet felting, use bubble warp, hand soap, water, and a roller and leave to dry
  • Needle felting can be used with yarn too


We also continued with weaving, and this time I used the loom that was best for balance weaving. Balance weaving are fabrics in which the warp and weft are made of the threads of the same weight (size) and the same number of ends per inch.

This loom was threaded up using dark blue threads, and I had to select a yarn that would compliment this colour too. I was very proud to have chosen this colourful yarn, it seemed perfect in terms of thickness and colours! I learnt to tie a few threads of the warp occasionally to style the woven piece, and next time I want to try orange rya knots, which will make this a brilliant vivid sample.


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